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What is Fearless Performance?

It's is a clear and effective method that helps you thrive in performance, and in life.

Unlike the classic approach of teaching people how to do their best only when it's time to perform, Jeff Nelsen's Fearless Performance methods create a fearless lifestyle that equips people to make the best possible choices both on and off the stage. 

Is there a difference between what you can do in the practice room and what you actually do in performance? Fearless Performance can help you consistently perform your best when it matters most!  Learn why you fear and how to replace these pesky little fears with better thoughts.  You’re doing too much good work in the practice room to not share that when you go to perform!  Through Fearless Performance you will get tons of useful ideas on how to build and share your next fearless performance.

For more information, watch the videos below and click around the site!  Be sure to download the free PDFs and a free deeply inspirational audio track on DILIGENCE.

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Fearless Conversations

Calm Your Mind...Make Simple Easy

March 26, 2014

You have goals.  You have dreams. Here's a 3-step approach for you to reach them. Step 1 - Make it simple.  To make reaching your goals simple, let's pick one goal that will help take you to your dream.   There...simple.   Step 2 - Commit to your goal. Commit to your goal so you can step past complicated choices that create drama, negative emotions, and intrigue.  Assess what things must happen in order for you to reach your goal and then simply ask yourself, "Will I do the work?" If yes, please advance to Step 3! If no, please go back to Step 1. Step 3 - Make it easy. This is the longest step...but quite the adventure if approached fearlessly!...

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Happy New Year! Bring on that audition!

January 01, 2014

Welcome to audition season 2014! Have you an audition or two coming up?  ...for music schools and/or large ensemble placement? Want to play your best?It's audition season! ...and you want to share all your hard and thoughtful work in your 5 minute performance.  You want to play your best version of everything right out of the gate, and for your whole 5 minutes.  You want to show them what you can do, and how beautiful you can make this music sound!  Playing my best in performance is not just about how strong my technical abilities and musical knowledge are.  Musical Knowledge - WHAT we performTechnical Abilities - HOW we performSo many people tirelessly train so they can have bulletproof technique...

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