Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Fearless Performance


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Consistently produce your best performance.

"Giving my best performance to an audience hasn't always been easy. Being nervous, frightened or feeling unprepared would have me feeling anxious. It still does! I'm no stranger to these intimidating forces, yet I've managed to consistently deliver my best performances anyway."

Jeff Nelsen’s Fearless Performance will help you exceed your limits in any performance situation, whether on or off the stage.

With Jeff Nelsen's Fearless Performance you'll be able to:

Shorten your learning curve! 

Achieve your best results in less time. You can either spend less time working and get just as good, or spend the same amount of time working and get immensely better! Prepare any new performance content quickly and experience higher levels of quality than ever before. Be able to make unique compelling stories out of any content!


Get a taste of some of Jeff's teaching and stories:


Feel total trust in what you know about your material, your audience, and yourself.

Make it easy for your audience to love what you've shared! Make the content and style of what you're about to perform so compelling there is no need to add to it during performance. Feel ready to shine through both style and substance!

Experience a sense of calm.

Handle any life-variables well, in the heat of the moment. Approach and enter any performance situation knowing you will share the best of you. Remain calm regardless of what the world hurls into your important moment.

Feel the joy of success after every performance.

Walk offstage ready to celebrate some aspect of what you've done. Authentically accept compliments with grace and humility. Constructively and clearly assess your performance in order to make a plan for future improvement.

Be ready for life... because life is live!

Surrender and let go of things you can't control. Replace fearful choices with clear assessments of what you can and can't influence, and take right action. Sleep better, speak better, live better!

Living a fearless lifestyle will help you see the “big picture” not just in your performance moments but in everyday life too.

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Fearless Performance Worksheets

Fearlesss Performance Worksheets

Download any or all of the pdf worksheets listed below to help you get started with your fearless performance journey. They're free!

  • Words for Feelings
  • Words for Sounds
  • Inspirational Sheet Sayings
  • On Deck Rituals
  • Imflowvising
  • Success-Based Practicing
  • What's Your Story?
"Jeff Nelsen's Fearless Performance training has been life altering for me and for those students and colleagues with whom I have worked. I have won professional playing gigs and college teaching jobs because of my fearless experience with Jeff. My life is more fulfilling and full because of Fearless Performance."

– Jessica Thoman, Professor of Horn at University of Tennessee, Martin

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