Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Calm Your Mind...Make Simple Easy

You have goals.  You have dreams. Here's a 3-step approach for you to reach them.

Step 1 - Make it simple. 
To make reaching your goals simple, let's pick one goal that will help take you to your dream.   There...simple.  

Step 2 - Commit to your goal.
Commit to your goal so you can step past complicated choices that create drama, negative emotions, and intrigue.  Assess what things must happen in order for you to reach your goal and then simply ask yourself, "Will I do the work?" If yes, please advance to Step 3! If no, please go back to Step 1.
Step 3 - Make it easy.
This is the longest step...but quite the adventure if approached fearlessly! You've already decided you're going to do the work, so now all you gotta do is ummm...WORK! 

Thoughtless work, what I call Piñata Practicing, is not going to get you there.  Quantity and quality of your work is the key.  Imagine if you did high-quality work at the things you've already been shown and told you need to do.  Do what you know you can be doing. Reeeeeeally use a metronome and a tuner.  Reeeeally practice it slowly and musically and with a beautiful sound. Reeeeeally listen to recordings, read about the composer and performers, and look at the score. And reeeeeally get out there and perform as often as possible so that you get the experience of putting it all together at your highest level.
Simple and Easy are VERY different things, but both are equally important!  We could waste time making the wrong things easy because we didn't simplify first.  Please invest time into making things simple, and celebrate having done so... just like you do when you make something easy. Incredible magic happens when we succeed at either.
Following these 3 steps will help guide your choices so you can trust that your efforts will move you closer to your dreams.  

Enjoy making simple easy!
Happy Spring!


Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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