Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Change and Transformation

We just completed the 8th annual Fearless Performance for Musicians Seminar at Indiana University. We've spent 4 days together, all of us deeply invested in the work it takes to create real and lasting change.  I'm now overly excited about what it means to change. My favourite definition of change is, "to transform."  

Transforming is a process that we all go through in life. Some of us transform daily, some weekly, some monthly, and some yearly.  I'd bet we all currently have areas in our lives that we would like to transform.  Making any change or transformation in life takes immense amounts of clarity, management, courage and diligence.

 "All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them." 

-Walt Disney 

As we enter summer, I'm sure most of us have dreams that we plan on accomplishing. One of the most important things we can do in helping ourselves achieve these dreams is to schedule  as much of our goals as possible.


 Figure out what you're going to get DONE this summer.

 1)   List your Dream, Goals, Projects, and Tasks.

 At the top of your list, write your ultimate dream.  You should always have a dream!  It canchange. Don't not have a dream just because it's hard to commit to having only one.  It's okay to have a few dreams...but whatever you do, don't be dream-less!

 Below your dream, break it down into goals, projects, and tasks.  Make sure the goals are things that will bring you closer to your dream, and the projects and tasks do the same.  Take a look at this example of my Dream Sheet.  I did it in under 10 minutes.



We never do a project.  We only do tasks and those end up completing the project.  Waking up and working through a list of tasks is WAY easier than waking up with that feeling of having to finish some complicated project.

2) Plan your work.  

 A few hours before you go to sleep, consider your project list, and pick 3-5 tasks per project that will move your project closer to completion.  If you're an amazing planner, you can pick your tasks for your whole week.  I plan mine on my calendar (google calendar), and usually plan about 20 minutes of work for every 30 minute block.

3) Work your plan.  

 DO it! 

That's it.  Your way of having an awesome summer in 3 steps.

Planning and doing your work this way will help you see in writing, on a calendar, how long you have and what it will ultimately take to accomplish each task, project, goal and dream you have in front of you.  It breaks down what seems like a huge, sometimes overwhelming, dream too far out of our grasp, into very do-able daily and weekly tasks.

Before you know it, summer will turn into fall, and you will be able to look back and see tasks completed.  You'll be filled with pride and satisfaction, knowing that you've done everything you possibly could during Summer 2014 toward making those changes and moving toward achieving your dreams. 

 "If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies."  

~Author Unknown

Dream big, and Dive in!



 Learn. Love Well. Let Go.
Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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