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Starting Over

In the wonderful audio program titled "How The Best Get Better"  author Dan Sullivan speaks about those moments when we realize we've stopped learning or seeing improved results.  He says when this happens, we've hit what he calls, "The ceiling of complexity" and all we can do is break everything down and start again.
For the complexity moment, I picture a floor covered in papers or a black-board (that thing schools used to have at the front of the classroom that people would draw on with chalk) covered in writing.  Or of course, what we've all experienced - that long practice session or day or week where we've hit the wall.  
Seriously, all we can do is LET GO...and start again as soon as possible.
...as possible! Not before that, ok?  So maybe you don't get back to it right away.  That depends on how surgically constructive we can be at letting go of the right things.  I leave that to you.  But the letting go can take care of how good we get at starting over.
For me and my horn, I start over well with my morning routine.  My optimal routine (often with my students) starts at 7am with five minutes of sitting in silence...so we can recover from getting up so stupid early! Then I hit play on one of my Fearless Practice audio tracks  and Saral talks us into an amazing place of intention and attention.  Then we go from there...optimal posture, some breathing, and some beautiful musically-drenched notes...all within good reasons why we're doing our work.
This crazy approach of breaking it all down, and starting again really works.  And remember:
Don't give up...that's destructively emotional.  But do see starting over in a healthy way. Today, look at starting over as more of a fresh start!  Give yourself that gift.
Have a fresh week.  :)

Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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