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You're Best

You really are best.

Nope, not a typo...I just like trying to make the newsletter titles have a little
hmmmmm at first. Last week's message was for us to "Have a Good Worst". Now lets
look at how You're Best.

You are the best version of yourself. This is true on many levels.

You're the best you in existence.

- Within the big picture of life, you are the best combination of things that make
up who you are.

You're always Your Best

- In every second, every moment, every action, every thought, you are being the
best version of you that you can be.

When you fully embrace this, you are at the edge of massive potential to:

LEARN - See clearly what you've done, and also figure out what you could think/do

LOVE WELL - Love what you did regardless and see what you could think/do better

LET GO - Let go of the negative emotions of grief or guilt that cloud your vision,
and let go of old habits of repetitive thought/action so you can...LEARN

...and back around the Fearless Learning Circle until you've gotten what you wanted
and/or contributed well to the world.

Task for today - Train and Habit so You're Best

Reminders of a few of my definitions:

Quality Gap - The difference between what you can/could do and what you actually

Absolute Best - What you could do if you trained and lived optimally. (Absolute
Best is mostly an optimal theory - a Standard at which we aim)

True Best - What you actually do in any moment.

Your Task- Keep calmly and clearly looking at what you are thinking and doing, and
consider whether this True Best is close enough to your Absolute Best for you to
believe you're building the best habits possible because...

One of my most important mentors is Pace Sturdevant.

Thank you Pace.

Start in your choice of thought. When you're a little upset today, consider why
you are. I like calling the cause of a little upset, friction. Here's a powerful
way to Let Go of life's little frictions. Long ago a dear friend, Kelsley Grant,
gave me a magical question. Asking this question of myself has often helped me
Let Go. It also has guided me when I'm trying to decide whether to say something
to a friend, even if this comment might be true. As we see too often, just because
something is true does not mean sharing it will help the situation.
He said to me, "I just always ask myself, "Will this matter a year from now?" Thanks
Kels. That one question has guided me more than you know.

...and maybe sing a few bars of "Let it Goooooo!!!"

You'll have made your True Best better.

Like I said last week, this is how the world changes.

...and this is how we make excellence a habit.

Stay fearless my friends, and please tell a friend about my newsletter, thanks!


Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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