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Make Everyone Happy

Earlier today, a student mentioned to me that they had difficulty performing their best, but only in situations when they were being judged.  I responded with something like, "Yeah, you and me both...oh, and everyone else too!  This is why I obsess about Fearless Performance, eh!?"  But then I seriously asked, "What percentage of performance situations that involve someone else would have you being judged?"

He guessed 100%, and I agreed with his answer.  

Simplicity is a good thing.  Knowing that we're always being judged can reduce the "yikes" choice when judgement is more evident.  It helps me to remember I'm always being judged. Judgements come in different forms, and toward different ends, and all that...but keeping judgement a constant helps me let go of it.

Otherwise it gets complicated.  A similar complication is when people think, "I get nervous when I have to play my best.  Like...my verrrrry best!"  Uh huh...complicated.  Always go to play your best, and then you don't ever have to play better.




Pleasing people is complicated.  Fearless Performance is based around making the best version of yourself.  When you find that with each day, and go out and share that, the bonus is that people might choose to be pleased.  But you worked on an awesome version of you and what you want to share.  BOOM.  It can be that simple.

Not easy sometimes...but simple.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, and making everyone happy, here is a revisit of one of my absolute favorite stories of all time... 

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful woman named Sarah Willis.  She wanted to play horn, so she ran off and joined the Berlin Philharmonic.  She loved it, and soon enough she wanted to talk to other people about what they loved, so she started to hang out online with some pretty cool people.  Now she speaks with people all over the world about their passions and how they get to live their dream lives.  Thank you Sarah!!

Along came Dale Clevenger.  They had a wonderful chat online that you can watch here.

In this Horn Hangout Dale says, "When I play, I make everyone happy!" 

At first, I  thought, "Heh, careful Dale...but okaaaaay you can say that cause you've definitely earned it." But then he continued to explain the best way to choose to let go of judgement during performance!!
Dale said, "The people who love what I do, and come to bask in my playing?  Well they leave the concert really happy.  The people who hate what I do, and come to the concert looking to hate more of what I do...I make them reeeeeally happy too!"

Dale and my son Rhys, happily listening to some horns the other day...

Task for the Day - Make Everyone Happy 

But do it in your mind.  For today, find ways of making some people happier than you thought they were.  Yes, happy is a potentially quaint word, but it doesn't have to be.  Go deeper with it...happy, content, calm, satisfied?  

The idea here is to love yourself, and be so foolish that you think people around you are GENUINELY happy with themselves too. Wander around like that fool.  Imagine that world.  It'd be pretty cool.

We'd still be working on betterment, but we'd be...happy.

Hey, what's the worst that could happen?  The worst case scenario is that someone will be upset that you thought they were happy when they weren't.  We all know those people who just go along in life and seem happy.  Well today, it's your turn!  Do iiiiiiiit!  You know those people are often so clueless about what they're doing wrong...and they're still happy! Uhhhh...what the hell!?  I'm over here trying to nail everything and be right about this, and make sure I'm pleasing my boss and parents and teachers and students and children and audience and the driver in the car behind me...and that person over there is happy!?

Yup.  They are.  :)


Make yourself happy.
...and if that doesn't work, there was this feature on the TV show, "Saturday Night Live" called "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey." I have the books...they're hilarious in my opinion!  Writing about being happy reminded me of this one:



Heh...it's a certain type of humour for sure...but it helps be laugh some things off at times because:
You don't have to be serious to take something seriously.


You being happy today might just make it easier for someone else to find a little bit of happiness too.

Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for reading!  I hope my efforts have helped you.  Please reply to this email with questions and suggestions on future topics.  



Stay fearless my friends, 


Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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