Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Jeff Nelsen Mouthpiece


The Jeff Nelsen Personal Mouthpiece.

Jeff was looking to extend his dynamic range within each tone color choice, while hoping to easily manage color changes when warranted. He wanted a refinement of articulations and a complexity of tone and “burn” in his sound when playing in the extreme registers and volumes.

"...he needed a mouthpiece that allowed him to extend past the limits of his previous mouthpiece;"

It Should "Sing"

Because Jeff plays in all genres and ranges, he needed a mouthpiece that allowed him to extend past the limits of his previous mouthpiece; he wanted a mouthpiece designed to enhance solo work, orchestral lead and section playing, shows and soundtracks, and chamber music. Jeff also spent six years on full-time fourth horn, and has a special love for singing and wailing down low.

Extensive Musical Requirements

Jeff approached friend and mouthpiece maker Scott Laskey. Creating a mouthpiece that allowed the performer to expand their ability to make music was a goal they each agreed to be ideal. With some trial and error, they developed what is now the Jeff Nelsen Personal Model mouthpiece.

Allowing the Player's Musical Voice to Shine Through

As both Jeff and Scott will tell you, a mouthpiece should not get in the way of a musicians ability to create music. A good mouthpiece enhances music making. This beautifully versatile mouthpiece does this and more, allowing the player's musical voice to shine through in all styles, registers, and dynamic levels. Whether playing high or low, loud or soft, fast or slow, this mouthpiece will make any horn a more responsive amplifier for your musical voice.

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"This thing gives my mouth peace."
- J. Nelsen

 "I'm quite partial to it!"
- J. Nelsen
(get it?  Partials on the horn and being partial to the...ok...")